New finish Exclusive to the Mercedes V Class, attention to the luxury

Call us weird, but did we not see pictures of the outside, we would not know exactly what car it is. But what we know, and is the new Mercedes V Class with the finish Exclusive. The highest level of the range, which well demonstrates that you do not need to have a large saloon Mercedes to have all the luxuries possible.


a Lot of luxury accompanies the new version Exclusive of the Class V

it Is curious to see what you can change a large van such as the Mercedes V Class with only adding a handful of exclusive details, such as the sunroof size large, Nappa leather, high-quality, appliqué of brushed aluminum and a couple of more details such as the front seats with electric adjustment, ventilated and heated.

All that is what adds to the standard equipment of the variant Exclusive of the Class V. But there is more, and that is if there is something that does not lack technology, such as a mini fridge and a long list of security devices and assistance, such as the Attention Assist, the wizard of the wind cross, and a set of cameras of 360 degrees.

on the outside improves the appearance with a couple of details that do not change the performance of the van, but does that make it more elegant, as the 19-inch alloy wheels, copied to the Mercedes A-Class, the bright blue color, end of exhaust chrome, and the insertion of the logo variant Exclusive.


Few would guess that we are in a van

it is Clear that luxury is not nothing cheap, and on this occasion we are not faced with an exception. By the time the Mercedes V-Class Exclusive is only available for the German market. In German lands will have a starting price of almost 75,000 euro, which implies that of getting to Spain will be about 80,000. Cheap it is not, as you advise.