New finish, Skoda, Red&Grey for the Fabia and the Spaceback

it is increasingly common to see how Skoda launches special editions for certain models of their range. Something very similar to what happened with the edition Monte carlo that we saw in the last Geneva motor show. On this occasion, the operation is very similar, as the Czech brand presents us with the finishing Skoda, Red&Grey.


The longitudinal stripe will always be in red and gray

will Be the Skoda Fabia and Spaceback the only ones who benefit from the same. In the case of the former will also be welcomed by the family version, the Combi. The idea is to give these models a more sporty look thanks to the insertion of a stripes longitudinal through the whole body, which will be in a white or black background.

however, this will not be the only feature that is included in the finished Red&Grey, as also these units will be fitted for a more standard equipment, by filling out the finish Ambition. In the case of the family Fabia include 15-inch wheels, headlamps with LED daytime running light and fog lights.

For its part, the Skoda Spaceback receives the tire Savio of 17 inches, while the portion of illumination received fog lights in black in addition to riders in the rear is obscured. A complement to the sporty image which will be reinforced by the bands mentioned above. For the rest of the cars remain the same.


The interior equipment is the one that corresponds to the version Ambition all models

To make more attractive the acquisition of the package Red&Grey, Skoda launches with a price extremely attractive. Will mean extra outlay of 570 euros for the Fabia, 645 euros for the Fabia Combi and 1,950 euros in the case of the Spaceback. The three models are already available, and can be seen at the Geneva motor show next month.