New images and data on the long-awaited Aston Martin Valkyrie

approaching the launch of the Aston Martin Valkyrie and the british firm allows us to now know its interior. They will be only produced 150 units and 25 more non-comparable, which may be used only in circuit.

ston Martin has unveiled a new series of images of the Valkyrie, with some aesthetic modifications that the approximate model that we’ll finally be able to see on the streets in little more time. The car developed by Adrian Newey, now incorporated a few new openings to improve the flow of air, providing gains in the “down force” on the front.

in Addition he added a few optical groups with a design inspired in Formula One, which include frameworks anodized aluminum and a format that allowed to reduce its weight by 40% in front of the lights that usually equips the models of the british brand. With the reduction of weight as one of the main objectives, even including the logo of the brand was made in foil 70 microns of thickness, with a chemical etching.

In terms of the interior, the first few images show us a interior design minimalist, where there is hardly any place for a detachable wheel rectangular lined in Alcantara, which incorporates in its center a OLED display which serves as a dashboard and provides the driver with all the necessary information.

Additionally, it has a large-sized screen located on the center console and two additional screens but small, that make the times mirror.

The sports seats are integrated into the monocoque and adopt a reclined position that keeps the feet of its occupants up, the best style of the current Formula One.

By the time the manufacturer has not released data about its mechanics, although early data suggest that the Aston Martin Valkyrie will use a engine V12 naturally aspirated of 6.5 liters, in combination with an electric motor and with a combined power of over 1,100 HP.

will Only be produced 150 units of this supercar that will carry the signature of Adrian Neewey, in addition to other 25 units which can only be used in the circuit and you will have a aerodynamic package more aggressive. All units are already sold, despite its price superior to 3 million euros.