New images of the Mercedes GLC Coupe in spy photos


The Mercedes GLC Coupe is discovered again while you transport it

The Mercedes GLC Coupe has been a protagonist on several occasions in our section of the spy photos but this time again with a drive that leaves us more clear as is the production model. After the launch of the new Mercedes GLC is released name, before Mercedes GLK, will this body of court sports is geared towards a clientele more exclusive.

Our photographers have caught the new GLC Coupe being carried away in a truck, on this occasion, the unit captured wearing a camouflage plain black that allows us to differentiate with greater clarity the lines of design of this SUV profile coupe, unlike the previous vinyl pattern in white and black designed to fool our eyes.


The compact SUV features a new silhouette profile coupe as his brother

On this occasion, the front remains practically at the sight while that is left behind that is still trying to hide. How you know it is the little brother of the Mercedes GLE Coupe, a SUV five-door with a fall of the ceiling more attractive, and adopts in behind the headlights elongated of all bodies coupe of the range Mercedes.

Its direct rival is the BMW X4, but soon will come the other competitors of the hand of the third German brand par excellence (Audi) and even others such as the upcoming Mazda CX-4 which, without being of such a high category will compete on price and design with the other.


behind shows new headlights elongated

Her offer, and mechanical equipment shall be directly related to the Mercedes GLC and C-Class from which it is derived. Among its range will highlight the mechanical hybrid plug-in that we witnessed recently, possibly inherited directly from the Class C 350 e that combines a combustion engine of four-cylinder 211 HP and an electric 82 CV. Obviously your offer will be composed by a range of exclusively all-wheel drive 4MATIC.

The new Mercedes GLC Coupe will clearly be more expensive than the GLC, with the same engine. By having a reference, the price difference between a GLE and GLE Coupe is about 10,000 euros if you equip them with the same mechanics. The range of the Mercedes GLC in Spain part from the 52.376 € 250 4MATIC.