New Infiniti for the Hall of Los Angeles 2016


Infiniti Q60 3.0 t Sport 2017.

The participation of Infiniti in the living room of a Los Angeles 2016 shall be disposed of with the presentation of some firsts for this market and the display of the latest novelties of the division’s premium Nissan. Among which we find new mechanics, variable compression and one of the last concepts presented.

In addition, Infiniti does not present any great novelty at the international level, as some of their presentations have already been revealed in some other time or event, however, are the first-fruits to the us market.

on the one hand we find the renovated Q60 3.0 t Sport model 2017, which reaches the market slightly updated. The main novelty will be the introduction of three new mechanical supercharged, in principle, for the full range of american.


The QX Inspiration Concept.

The version Q60 3.0 t Sport features a new mechanical 3.0-liter supercharged that eroga 304 HP (300 hp) and 400 Nm of torque. This version will have elements previously available only in the version top of range Q60 Red Sport 400, as the sport suspension with Dynamic Digital or finished in carbon fibre.

This new sport version of the range Q60 will be accompanied in the booth of Infiniti for the QX Sport Inspiration concept, a prototype lounge that was presented in the past Hall of Beijing, and puts forward a new crossover to the range.

For its exhibition in Los Angeles the prototype receives a slight update, based on a new gray color for the body, accompanied by wheels of 22 inches and brake calipers finished in bronze color. Identical settings to the view in Paris 2016.


Mechanical compression variable Infiniti VC-T.

finally, the brand will for the first time in north America recent mechanical compression variable, called the Infiniti VC-T is capable of altering their compression in function of the needs. It is a block of 4-cylinder petrol, which features turbocharging and allows you to vary its compression ratio of between 8:1 and 14:1.

This new block, which according to the firm nippon is ready for your
in series production, was presented officially at the Paris Salon of
2016 and has a power of 271 HP (268 hp) and 390 Nm pair.