New Kia Cee’d

The South Korean brand KIA has declined markedly since a few years ago, with its manageable in price and equipped with enough interesting features to satisfy European and world market cars.

There will be from October when the family KIA Cee’d joins family version Sportwagon. So far this car segment C only available in five-door body. For a price of around 14000 may be purchased a car that, in addition to other improvements, has been in space and design.

Nuevo Kia Cee’d

In its second generation, the new Kia Cee’d proves to be one of the most spacious cars in its class. Furthermore, the relationship between equipment and price another of the factors that come into play when selecting Kia Cee’d .

3’8 l / 100 km is a tempting low consumption figures for a car of 4.31 m long and 1.47 m wide gifted with a respectable engines. You can either four separate, two petrol and two diesel. Those of gasoline is rated at 100 and 135 hp, and diesel 90 and 128 hp. Another improvement lies in the drag coefficient, which has been significantly lowered their numbers.

The McPherson new KIA Cee’d also updates KIA previous generation and improves forward of the front axle, in favor of stability in turns and difficult stretches. As for changes, are given a six-speed manual and two automatic, both also six relations.

Nuevo Kia Cee’d.

Another advantage of KIA Cee ‘d is strain. With a capacity of 380 l, l earn 40 compared to previous models, in addition to having been cleverly optimized space to upload and seize the trunk not be an impossible task.

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