New Kia Picanto, small and big at the same time


The new Kia Picanto is valid for all for their many qualities

¿Small=crappy? Not friends, the story has changed, and although once the segment was considered to be so, not anymore. And is that manufacturers have realised that increasingly, buyers seek to associate multiple worlds. The koreans have done well with the new Kia Picanto. The smallest member of the family who is able to host a world of possibilities.

Discover your own world is very easy in a car like the new Picanto. Do you want practicality and versatility? You have it. With just 3.6 metres long, the smallest of the family Kia is able to function in a comfortable way by the city and outside of it. Easy to park, no problems in the turns and with an incredible vision, both by its size as by the rear parking camera. Small works.


The versatility of use is the main weapon of the new Picanto, but has many more

¿you Want to have the latest? As you can also. The reduced scale since it does not imply the lack of detail. The Picanto democratizes technology by incorporating many systems that we see in their older siblings. Kia has focused on incorporating systems focused on two main aspects: security and connectivity.

In cities it is common for it to happen blows by proximity. Tend to be low speed, but still cause damage. This can be avoided thanks to systems such as the automatic braking emergency that is included in the new Picanto. It is unusual to see in such a small model, and there is your interest. The drive is capable of reading its environment, and in case of detecting a collision next stops on its own. In the event that we go clueless.

Circular by the cities is becoming increasingly complex. Not for the street itself, but because of the traffic. Today a good browser you can save a lot of travel time. The Picanto includes, and associated with him find a team of connectivity of last generation, both for mobile and iOs for Android. Thanks to a screen of seven inches of touch handling, the car becomes an extension of our mobile phones. Always connected, wherever you go.

And that is the journey the more comfortable it is better. The old mechanical and structures, simple and ill-advised, have given way to complex structures that present a unique advantage, the comfort. The Kia Picanto abandon the stereotypes of the segment including a comfort and an assurance of up very high. Valid to go to both the shop around the corner as to the beach that you want, however far it is.


The interior is shown as that of his brother, well-equipped and well-finished

wherever you Go, that is a thing of yours, will be equally important to get comfortable as to get looking good. Be daring, be different, make a difference. The aesthetic is a great value, and Kia has contributed much to the smallest of its range. Lines risky Picanto allow you to have a car attractive and practical at the same time aesthetically sporty thanks to a package design GT Line. By the way, this is the first time that the Picanto can have this style.

The Kia Picanto 2017 has evolved not only his base, being able to offer the same versatility and functionality, but also has done by taking his older brothers as a reference. Valid for the day-to-day and for travel, functional to park in the congested urban centres and without wasting a millimeter of space. With technology that ensures great security and always be connected to the world around us.


The finished GT Line adds more style and sportiness in the small of Kia

With all this, the Picanto is one of the best representatives of the segment B. Kia marketed in Spain with a starting price of 8.595 euros. Out there there is a world to discover, and because you don’t need to go on the adventure with a large car to see it all. The small and large can join in the same world.