New Lexus GS 300h, revised and improved in all aspects

The GS is the midsize mid-size Lexus. Its length is halfway between the IS and the almighty LS. From now on the Lexus GS 300h is renewed on a multitude of factors to continue to be one of the bets more efficient and luxurious on the market. It is already available in Spain and its price part of the 45.900 euros.


New grill and front, more in line with the design standards of Lexus

Outwardly noticed a few changes compared to the Lexus GS today. The front end receives most of the same where incorporates the dual trapezoidal grille typical of Lexus, as well as new headlamps and new bumper redesigned to be less damaging in case of collision. Moreover, the rear receives new LED headlamps and the alloy wheels feature a new design.

In the cabin, the changes focus once more on the details. The door inserts and the dashboard are renewed, as is the gear knob. The details always make the difference, and why Lexus has incorporated a box of instruments variable depending on the mode of driving. One of the most dynamic we will meet with graphics of its own, extracted directly from the unit more powerful of the range, the Lexus GS-F.

In terms of technology, the GS has always been devoid of certain systems in the premium segment are considered mandatory. In this new era, the GS300h gets all this technology that was missing. from now on, starting with a larger amount of systems, many of them focused on the comfort, as the Head-Up Display, although most will have security as their sole objective. So much so that it includes the new security system of the Lexus, named LSS+.

Where no change is in part driving. A hybrid is still powered by the rear axle of the GS 300h. 233 are the horses taken from that combination, but on this occasion is more efficient than its predecessor. So much so that Lexus approves an expenditure of 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers. A data item is excellent considering the power and weight of the GS.


The interior will continue to count with a lot of luxury, but this time with a little more

Under that body redesigned, cabin technology and efficient engine hides a new chassis, more rigid thanks to a greater amount of solder and glue industrial. This chassis is combined with different electronic programs that allow different settings: ECO, Normal, Sport and Customized. The latter will allow the driver to alter various settings according to your taste and driving style.

As always Lexus structure your range depending on the level of finish. On this occasion, the GS offers several trim levels: ECO, CORPORATIVE, EXECUTIVE, F-SPORT and LUXURY. The prices listed below include VAT, taxes and transport. All the units are already available at dealers.

  • Lexus GS 300h ECO – 45.900 euros
  • Lexus GS 300h CORPORATIVE – 50.700 eur
  • Lexus GS 300h EXECUTIVE – 57.400 €
  • Lexus GS 300h F-SPORT – 66.500 euros
  • Lexus GS 300h LUXURY – 69.500 euros


The hybrid rear-wheel-drive delivers a power of 233 HP