New Mazda MX-5 Speesdster Evolution and Kuro RF for the SEMA 2016


Mazda MX-5 Speedster Evolution concept 2016.

SEMA 2016 opens its doors next week in Las Vegas, so that the marks are already starting to pick up a buzz with the preparations that have been developed especially for this event. If only a few days ago I loved the series of cars that Hyundai will be revealed in Las Vegas, today has been Mazda the that offers us a glimpse of what you will decorate your booth in this particular room.

For the moment, the japanese brand only leaves us a few teasers of two concepts based on the MX-5, in formats coupé and roadster, forming a worked black and white contrast.

The first concept is based on the earlier prototype that the brand introduced in this same contest last year. After the name Speedster Evolution we find a model that is not more than the evolution of the previous concept. According to Mazda, this is even more lightweight that the one presented last year, 45 kg less than the prototype, 2015 and about 160 pounds lighter than a MX-5 conventional.


Mazda MX-5 Kuro RF concept 2016.

As above, devoid of roof and it seems that on the image side of the windshield. The brand does not mention if this new version has some novelty at the technical level.

The model of dark color receives the name Kuro RF and is evidently based on the new variation of RF of the Miata, that started its production only a few days, and will arrive at dealers at the beginning of 2017. For the moment, the brand has not revealed any technical aspect or novel feature of this concept, of which we only know that account with the suspension of the MX-5 Cup and which will look like a paint finish semi-matte, which has been developed by the brand itself.

Both prototypes have been designed and manufactured in facilities
the mark in Irvine, California, specifically for the SEMA 2016, as
sample of the design capabilities of the firm.