New Mercedes AMG GT-C Coupe and restyling for the AMG GT in Detroit


The new AMG GT C Coupe, in dark-colored, along with the renewed GT-S, yellow.

The German brand has used the Detroit motor show to introduce a slight update of the range sports AMG GT, with small cosmetic changes and a slight power increase. In the same way, the range is extended with the incorporation of the new and expected version AMG GT-C Coupe, the variant closed the AMG GT C Roadster coming in 2016.

The new AMG GT receives a new front grille, design of vertical slats that receives the name of Pan-american and is inherited from the version in GT3, as well as a new bumper, which maximizes the air inlet side and the notes with elements of black color and a chrome central. The range now receives the aerodynamic package active Airpanel, until now, exclusive to the AMG version GT-R, and new items of equipment, such as a telemetry system that can be operated via smartphone.

The new AMG GT C Coupe receives the same treatment as the GT version C Roadster which was introduced last year in Paris. This is between the GT S and the GT-R, with a power of 565 HP and a train rear width, which has a system of active steering, as well as wheels and tires of a larger size.


The AMG GT C Coupe comes in the form of the Edition of 50, a new limited edition.

versions GT C have the same width as the most radical GT R, receive a bumper wider and continues with the rear spoiler retractable, which we also find in the versions GT and GT S. we are Now up to six versions in the range, counting the versions Roadster, the GT-R and the new GT C Coupé.

Versión GT GT S > C GT-R
Motor V8 4.0 V8 4.0 V8 4.0 V8 4.0
Power 475 CV 522 HP 557 HP 585 HP
Par 630 Nm 670 Nm 680 Nm 700 Nm
Weight (DIN) 1.540 kg 1.570 kg 1.625 kg 1.555 kg
Vel. max. 304 km/h 310 km/h 317 km/h 318 km/h
0-100 km/h 4.0 sec. 3.8 sec. 3.7 sec. 3.6 sec.

As we can see in the table, now the AMG GT, in both variants, Coupe and Roadster, AMG GT S, receive a slight increase of power. In the case of the versions roadster, you’re weighing ligeamente more versions closed.


Slight modifications and a small power increase for the AMG GT.

The new GT C will be released in format in a special limited edition. Called Edition 50, it has two special options of exterior color, gray designo graphite grey magno and white designo cashmere white magno, and is intended to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the brand in Affalterbach, which was founded in 1967.

Account details in the outside in glossy black finish and tires
specific game
. In the interior we find a play of colours between
the black and silver, with leather trim in two colors and leather-wrapped steering
microfiber, in addition to certain details in gloss black in the