New Mercedes GLC, this is the SUV GLK substitute

nuevo mercedes glc 2016 5 Nuevo Mercedes GLC, este es el SUV sustituto del GLK Finally we can now put a face to new Mercedes GLC C the SUV segment of the house of the star to replace the Mercedes GLK launched in 2008. The Mercedes GLC’s main rivals to Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Volvo XC60 and currently ranks as the latest from the premium SUV alternative in its segment. With this new model Mercedes expects to reap the success that never had the GLK.

One of the main attributes of the new Mercedes GLC is its design. Leave aside the square shapes of his predecessor and adopts design more in line with the latest models brand and especially with the Mercedes C-Class Estate . Its interior makes clear its origins and differences with the Class C affect small very specific details. One of the curious details of the Mercedes GLC is yes version will RHD, something that never existed in the GLK and so its global expansion was lower.

automatic transmission and all-wheel drive for all

nuevo mercedes glc 2016 7 Nuevo Mercedes GLC, este es el SUV sustituto del GLK In its mechanical range offer the Mercedes GLC two diesel engines , corresponding to the versions GLC GLC 220d and 250d. Both use the same block of 2.1 liter four-cylinder, but with powers 170 and 204 horses respectively. Performance is good with 8.3 seconds in the 0-100 for 7.6 220d and 250d for the more powerful. Both type approved an average consumption of only 5.0 liters.

also offer the Mercedes GLC 350e, a unique plug-in hybrid alternative in its segment it shares most of its components with the C 350e. It has 279 combined horses, taken from a 2.0 gasoline turbo engine that delivers 211 hp and an electric motor of 82 horses. Of course, no lack of gasoline, with the GLC 250 2.0 turbo engine and 211 horses GLC 450 AMG Sport 3.0 V6 engine with 362 hp biturbo .

Nuevo Mercedes GLC All are associated with Mercedes GLC AWD 4Matic and have nine-speed automatic transmission except that keeps hybrid seven relations box. The drive 4Matic has a cast 45:55 and the center differential is a multi-plate clutch that can vary the torque delivery to both axes. This decision may put the Mercedes GLC in a committed point against rivals that offer versions of simple traction and manual gearboxes to significantly lower prices for input.

You can equip a package off-road allowing better management of traction on slippery surfaces. It also includes additional protection to the underside of Mercedes GLC and control of declines.

Interior and technological equipment

Nuevo Mercedes GLC interior With respect to interior finishes and equipment will not find big differences from what is already offered by the Mercedes Class C, with plenty of technological equipment. A level of chassis Mercedes has announced it will offer three types of suspensions. The comfort-oriented standard, a sports and air suspension . The latter will raise the body 30 and 50mm for transit through rugged areas in 15mm or lower if we move through roads in good condition.

Mercedes has said that one of the greatest strengths of the GLC will be your interior being the segment leader. The rear seats also enjoy wide latitude to the head and legs, looking latter aided by a length dimension of 60mm greater battle than the BMW X3. It is larger in all dimensions than the GLK and 580 liters of trunk cubic capacity up to 110 liters more than before. The rear bench is folded in 40:20:40 format and backrests recline.

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Nuevo Mercedes GLC
Nuevo Mercedes GLC
Nuevo Mercedes GLC
Nuevo Mercedes GLC
Nuevo Mercedes GLC
Nuevo Mercedes GLC
Nuevo Mercedes GLC interior

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