New NOx-Trap in the way: 15.800 Renault Capture will go to the workshop to reduce their emissions

Renault already has the solution for 15.800 Renault Capture diesel sold in France that are known to emit many more NOx than they should. The research of the French government to 100 different models on sale in France has activated all the alarms to verify that the actual emissions of some cars, little or nothing to do with the emissions approved. After confirming the research to Renault models Renault Capture and Renault Espace, now you can count on what will be the solution that will bring the workshop to 15.800 Renault Capture in France.

Renault_43825_global_enThis move from Renault shows that the cycle NEDC is obsolete and manufacturers are only limited to comply with the law, no more, no less

The information made public via AutoNews identify the Renault Capture associated with the propellant 1.5 dCi as the model affected by the diversion of emissions. Specifically, the problem for the increase of emissions in real conditions of circulation would be located in the operation of the system NOx-Trap, a system designed by and for the neutralization of Nitrogen oxides in accordance with the standards imposed by the cycle of type-approval NEDC.

Renault has not committed any fraud, unlike Volkswagen, so has only limited to design their systems anti-pollution in accordance to the provisions of type-approval NEDC. The problem of the system NOx-Trap installed in the Renault Capture is that it is designed to work at ambient temperatures between 20ºC and 30ºC, which is used in the cycle of type-approval NEDC, but on actual conditions of circulation, it has been shown that the mean temperature of Paris has been of 17ºC in 2015. Faced with this reality, Renault has decided to call to review to 15.800 Renault Capture to replace the systems NOx-Trap current for a new NOx-Trap capable of operating at temperatures of between 17ºC and 35ºC, thus enabling a better operation of the system to limit NOx emissions.

renault-captur-200116-02This call to review for 15.800 Renault Capture in France does not have any cost to the owners and it will take a time of about half a day of work. Renault has also reported that it is working on a software update for their Euro 6 diesel engines, an update that will be published in March, which will be voluntary, and that could affect around 700,000 vehicles diesel Renault.

In Spain, for the moment, has not made any official statement on the implementation of the measures of replacement of the system NOx-Trap for the Renault Capture.

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