New Opel Astra: official information and images

Opel Astra 2015 03 Snapseed Nuevo Opel Astra: información e imágenes oficiales After staying up late this morning the final look of the new Opel Astra by filtration, the German manufacturer makes official the new generation of its successful compact. As I progressed, the new Opel Astra has a sportier and tapering; significantly expanding its equipment, and it is now lighter and more dynamic, having slimmed down to 200 kg. when compared to its predecessor.

All these improvements seem to back that youthful and sporty Astra philosophy at its disposal in the early 90’s with its first generation, and how much was missing. No doubt all these improvements are complemented by an attractive range of engines up to 200 horsepower, with options covering the vast majority of needs. Its official presentation will take place in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


Opel Astra 2015 02 Snapseed Nuevo Opel Astra: información e imágenes oficiales Changes in the design of the new Opel Astra are extensive and not limited only to body. Based on the assumption of a new architecture much lighter, which according to reports the new Astra weighs between 120 and 200 Kg. Less. From this point the exterior design has been oriented towards a more dynamic and athletic philosophy.

Earn certainly personality. On the front we find a hood with ribs, which precedes a new chrome grille and a sporty bumper. On the sideline we also see this new direction with a new design that directs us to drop a pillar C floating rate. But certainly where changes focus is in the rear, completely unrecognizable.

Interior and equipment

Opel-Astra-2015-05 Although outwardly is 5cm shorter and 2.6 cm lower than its predecessor, the new Opel Astra no decline in occupancy, unlike wins. Rear passengers increase in the space available to them, within an interior that now has a cleaner and built in highest quality materials design.

In terms of equipment stands, as I have progressed in recent days, its great connectivity and a host of advances present in the Opel OnStar, capable of monitoring the entire vehicle, detect failures if they existed system alert an advisor who will come to our aid. The infotainment is another of its strengths, with the IntelliLink system materialized in a large color touch screen in the center of the dashboard.

also has a large number of systems driving aid, but if there is an element that is first in the new Astra is the adaptive lighting system LED matrix. The IntelliLux LED® is able to illuminate the high beam without dazzling other vehicles in the road, it adapts to the distribution of the light beam emitting only where necessary.


Opel-Astra-2015-04_Snapseed The mechanical range of the new generation Astra is presented in the most varied and complete, with outputs of between 105 and 200 hp. It will consist of gasoline and diesel engines with displacements of up to 1.6 liters, capable of combining performance and efficiency.

In Spain the diesel range will start with the 1.6 CDTI 110 hp, while the counterpart in gasoline range is the three-cylinder 105 hp Ecotec 1.0. Among the other components of the mechanical range featuring the new 1.4 ECOTEC Turbo with direct injection, all-aluminum and capable of yielding 145 hp maximum power with consumption from Opel ensure very content.


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Opel Astra

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