New Opel Insignia 2017: A single model for the four brands and different continents


Render of the new Vauxhall Insignia 2017 for RMCarDesign The new Opel Insignia and 2017 will be presented at the Geneva motor show, 2017, a new generation that will be a considerable boost for the sedan in the D segment of Opel, not only has the difficult task of resisting the onslaughts of the buoyant SUV segment, which is a huge loss of customers for this segment, but now the model should be positioned in the highest, so that it has the complex goal of calling the attention of those customers who may be looking for a premium product.

To this end, Opel will not only implement the technological burden of the new Badge, but it has increased in size. The second-generation Insignia will be based on the platform E2, developed by Opel but used globally by General Motors.

Thanks to this architecture, the new model now available was 9.2 inches more of battle and thanks to a few overhangs shorter length only grows by 5.5 cms, while the width of the tract grows an inch and the total height decreases at 3 cm.


Prototype of the Holden Commodore 2018.

This waste of technology and materials has a double purpose, as this project will not only give life to the sedan of Opel, but developed in Germany, will be sold into very different markets under the brands of Buick and Holden, and as is usual, with the logo of Vauxhall in the United Kingdom.

Four different models, that only in Europe will share name and offer mechanics to the full, that should satisfy the demand of markets as disparate as the australian, the european, the american and the chinese. A work far more complex than it may seem at first glance.

Until now, Buick had been formed with a Badge outlined to give life to the Regal, but Holden, which ends production in Australia in 2017 and that will be the new Flagship front-wheel-drive as a substitute of a classic as the Commodore rear-wheel-drive, it still has an uncertain road ahead, as we already saw in detail a few weeks ago.


Opel and Holden presented their prototypes, almost simultaneously.

The new Holden Commodore in 2018 will be released in the showrooms australians in February 2018, and for the moment, we have been able to see this new iteration exactly the same as that of the Badge, multiple mules and testing prototypes, final validation that they were presented to the australian press, at the same time that the of the Badge. Prototypes camouflaged that to the naked eye are almost identical.

In the case of Buick, in recent times have been nourished precisely of Opel to complete their range. In addition to the Regal, a Badge of the first generation stressed with an exclusive offer of petrol engines up to 2.4 liters, and slight differences in aesthetics and equipment, are added to the different variants of the range Astra that have come to cross the pond. Ultimately, the Opel Cascada, Opel Cabrio in Spain, the convertible version of the Astra.

The american media have been these months very attentive to the news which might reach them from Germany, aware that the development of the new Badge will give life to this new generation of Regal, a model that has been on the market since 1973, and that it disappeared briefly in 2004, coming back in 2010 in the shape of the current Badge, manufactured in Germany.


Render of the Buick Regal 2018, by RMCarDesign.

For Buick, a brand of success means in your market native but highly valued in China, its main market, the Regal is a key piece, because the chinese market is one of the main plaintiffs of sedans in the world.

Until now, the Regal what we could find in format sedan, but all indications are that in this new generation of Regal 2018 it debuts the new variant family, which in Europe is referred to as a Insignia Sports Tourer. Recently, Buick had recorded the names Tourx and Regal Tourx, which could validate these assumptions.


it Was well known that Opel was based on the Monza concept to outline the general features of the new Insignia, which will be shared with the models of Holden and Buick. However, the real features were not developed in this concept of 2013, but in the prototype Model presented at the beginning of the year in Detroit, Avista Concept. A coupe with classic proportions, very similar to the Monza concept, which, after the teaser of the new Commodore 2018 we could see showed on its front the main features of these new models.


Buick Avista Concept, presented in Detroit 2016.

The new proportions of the Badge, the european, and thus, of their derivatives, australian and american, are more stylized than those of the generation outbound. Longer, somewhat wider and lower, the new model will have a silhouette more muscled and slender.

As we can see in the renderings Remco Meulendijk, the Insignia 2017 will be provided with a front very similar to that of the Alliance concept, with a few new optical groups further horizontal and stylised, dominated by the daytime running lights of LED type with the shape of a boomerang in its upper area.

The general design of all models will be similar. If for the variants of Opel and Vauxhall we do not expect any more changes to the own emblem, of Holden and Buick will follow a similar path, with slight touches but keeping the same basic look.


Teaser of the Holden Commodore, the features of the Alliance concept are clear.

so Holden us ahead with your teaser, the front grill will be identical to the already seen in the Avista concept, a sort of hexagon oblate that carries the corresponding emblem, coincidentally, all of them circular, in the central area of the top of the grid.


This section is going to be more simple than their respective predecessors. If until now the Commodore was characterized by mounting engines up to 8 cylinders in a longitudinal, now we will form with blocks of 4 and 6-cylinder located transversely. This will be one of the possible drawbacks you find the australian public.

The biggest difference is found in Europe, with the inclusion of the apparent supply of diesel engines, which will not be available in overseas markets, so that the ceiling of power in all markets should be around the 250-hp 2.0-liter turbo. Later, each company may have sport versions. The successors of the OPC and VXR Opel/Vauxhall respectively, or of the Regal GS in north America.


Render of the Opel Insignia 2017, by RMCarDesign.

The case of Holden is more complex, since the Commodore had versions very radical, equipped with the V8 engines of the family LS of Chevrolet, shared with models like the Camaro or the Corvette. So expect some version more explosive based on a mechanical 6-cylinder, twin-turbo, all-wheel-drive as standard.

A future hybrid variant is expected for all the variants of the Flagship 2017, although this is still to be confirmed. As you approach the month of march, at which time the Badge will be uncovered in Geneva, we will be able to go to discover new details and images of these models.