New Porsche Panamera, is in his first filtered image?


First leaked image of the Porsche Panamera 2017. How Real, or recreation?

This could be the first image of the new Porsche Panamera of production. And I say well, “could”, since for the moment it is very difficult to say with certainty if this is indeed a real image, taken from the promotional catalog model, or a simple recreation to your computer by a third party.

In any way, everything seems to fit: if you guides by our spy photos of the Porsche Panamera 2017, is just what we should expect of him. The second generation of the hatchback coupe of Porsche will have a design evolved with respect to the current, but without rupturismos, with details more refined -such as your front or your optics front and rear – give it a major attraction, and lines more curved and sculptural.

The new Porsche Panamera will correct some of its most criticised points: your front reminiscent of the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept, presented back in 2012, while in this image from BurlappCar also notice that their rear lamps adopt a certain similarity with that of the Porsche 911 2016.


Porsche Panamera Turbo 2017, in our spy photos: the camouflage of this unit hides mainly your front and rear lights, with stickers

Their V8 engines and V6 will be more efficient, and subsequently you will also see a Panamera plug-in hybrid with a range greater than 50 kilometres in electric mode. At its launch, will be available on the new block V8 4.0-litres with supercharging twin-turbo and a power close to 600 HP.

In the interior of the Porsche Panamera 2017 will come more changes, with a center console design more clean -where touch replaces many traditional buttons, as well as a steering wheel of three arms very similar to that of the 911. The technology will also give a major break, releasing electronic aids to safety and focused on driving.

In summary, the second generation of the Panamera will arrive with more news of those that seem at a glance by its exterior design. Its official presentation will take place in the next few weeks, though his debut in society will be at the Paris Salon 2016, during October. Will be on sale before the end of the year, and later will incorporate the anticipated Porsche Panamera Shooting Brake with bodywork family sports.