New problem for McLaren: the electrical system


McLaren is suffering a real hell comparable to that of the pre-season of 2015, the year that Honda began his career in Formula 1. But to the already well-known engine problems have been joined by others that also do not seem to have a quick solution.

Yesterday Stoffel Vandoorne suffered two breakdowns for the same reason: a fault in the electrical system of the car. The belgian driver caused two red flags consecutive for this cause, and today Fernando Alonso has repeated exactly the same stunt, standing on the track two times in a very short space of time.

Honda has reported that the problem comes from an electrical problem that has not been identified. The car runs out of supply and it has not been possible to find the cause for the moment, despite having changed numerous parts of the car to eliminate variables and identify the cause.

it Is expected that Fernando Alonso return to the track in the afternoon and it will be time to figure out if McLaren and Honda have finally given with the cause of the problem which does nothing but deepen the crisis of the team from Woking.