New process of painting of Audi that allows you to give a matte finish partial


The R8 will be the first to benefit from this new system.

The German firm has revealed a new process of painting that allows to give a finish that is differentiated in the same painted surface. Receives the English name of “paint etching”, which we can translate as painting, engraving, and is able to offer in a same layer a matte finish differential.

This system allows us to highlight pictures or text, by highlighting them with a matte finish, although the rest of the surface around it has a glossy finish.

For the moment, the first vehicle in the range in which you are going to be offered this option is the sporty R8 through the program Audi Exclusive. Customers can even request a custom design on the air entrance side of their sports.


In the example images you can see a engraving on the air intakes of the R8.

The system is based on a dust with the work surface already finished. This treatment scrapes the lacquer to a surface area of only a few thousandths of a millimeter, thinner than a human hair.

To apply the design just overlay a template with the desired layout. The procedure reminds of the which is used to treat acid crystals, although this process is less aggressive. The result is far superior to what they can offer adhesives superimposed, so that the signature points that you could use it to replace the system of badges as usual.

According to the company, although at the moment it’s only going to be offered to the
customers of the R8, this process can be transferred to other models of the
, and may process with this new system, panels of up to a
meter wide, so the possibilities are very broad.