New prototype hunted by the Rolls-Royce Phantom 2018


This mule has been sighted in the united States.

A new prototype of the next generation of the Rolls-Royce Phantom has been able to be hunted during their final tests. On this occasion, in the Mojave desert, in the united States, one of the sites preferred by manufacturers for their tests at high temperature.

is Not the first time our photographers manage to spot one of these mules testing, indicating that the british brand is in the final stages of development of this model, the luxury saloon flagship of the british firm.

As we can see in this new prototype, despite the camouflage comprehensive porta, the design of the new Phantom will be largely an evolution of the current generation, which has been in the market since the year 2003, thereby becoming the first model of the was BMW. The new model, if we can trust the lines suggested by this prototype, you will have a few of the ways are very close to the previous generation. From the overall silhouette, to the treatment vertical of the mountain front and the smooth rear, reminiscent of the Phantom’s current.


This rear view reveals the new pilots circular.

Even the optics are very similar, type rectangular, narrow and focused on the case of the front, with the rear occupying the same position. Although in this prototype we have been able to probe in detail the new rear light clusters, that is show type of circular, although, with a transparent dome.

on A technical level, the main changes we will find in the rack, now based on a platform shared with BMW which will benefit from all the wisdom of the brand in the field of lightweight materials. The new aluminium chassis will be reinforced and lightened with exotic materials, such as magnesium or carbon fiber. There will be two variants available of battle, short and long, and the latest rumors suggest that the firm may delete the rest of the variants such as the convertible, due to poor sales results.

Mechanically, the novelty will be the introduction for the first time a hybrid variant plug-in in the range, plus an all-new V12 gasoline derived can be found in the 7-Series BMW.


Your presentation will be next year 2017.

the marketing of The new Phantom should be booted in the the beginning of
, so that its official presentation should be more than
probably in one of the great halls of 2017. So
we are already very close to know the new generation Phantom 2018.