New Renault Mégane, when the experience is felt

The compact segment has always been one of the toughest and most demanding of the european scene. The amount of models available is almost overwhelming, but only a few are considered as reference. The Renault Megane is one of them. An achievement that has been achieved after more than 20 years of existence.


you will Not find a design as well in the rest of the units in the compact segment

At the end of last year, the fourth generation of this best selling French saw the light. A renewal which is marked by various aspects. The first of them is the style. by Integrating the new design philosophy of the French brand. A very different picture, and more attractive than the competition.

And is that the Renault Mégane fourth generation is completely new. You don’t share a single component with its predecessor, and thanks to this he we can have the latest and most developed technology. The number of systems associated with the compact is impressive, from attending to the driving, until the last infotainment system available.

If important is the technology of the modern cars, the more important is the way in which it is presented. Not only does it seem to technology, there is to be, and the Mégane is. One will immediately just take a look at the new interior, higher quality, where it calls powerfully the attention the big screen of the console 8.7 inches in size.


The technology is improving in every way. Comparable to the model of a higher segment

Thanks to the different advances in efficiency issues marks get to create more powerful engines which at the same time have a low intake. In this aspect, the Mégane has a wide and varied range of mechanical. Blocks diesel and petrol are shown with a excellent relation between benefits and consumption.

But Renault has not forgotten its DNA of competition, and although by the time the new Megane does not have variant RS, assured that it will arrive, yes boasts a new range of models, the GT. These are not only capable of offering a sporty style greater, but also a performance, according to these acronyms with up to 205 horsepower.

Another of the novelties that presents the new Mégane, and which by the way is novelty in the compact segment, is the traction 4Control. Not only have four wheels to become active in a matter of traction, but also become directional. The rear also rotate, and that means a better handling and greater maneuverability. A luxury.


The system 4Control analyzes the spin, and the traction of each wheel hundreds of times per second

The Renault Mégane 2016 is already in the dealer, the first units are already arriving to the customers. And that is why we invite you to try it and see for yourself of what he is capable of this reborn compact. In addition, it is a model produced entirely in Spain, on the ground that Renault has in Palencia.

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