New reports from Japan point to a new Mazda RX-9 in 2020


The concept that stoked rumors of the arrival of the new RX-8.

he has become these past few years in the eternal rumor, the long-awaited sporty successor of the Mazda RX-7 and RX-8, returns once again with more force despite the fact that recently it was the own Mazda which he refuted categorically, stating that only built the sport in the event that the rest of the range had good sales figures. That is to say, only reissued the coupe rotary engine if you have sufficient funds to invest in the.

which, at the official level, leaves us with a horizon that in any case should not be close to you, despite the recent presentation of the past month of October of the spectacular prototype RX-Vision-concept that illustrate the images, and the new engine Skyactiv-R-type Wankel, registered in the united states patent office in December of 2015. Patent that was published this spring and revealing a new provision laying down the rotors, a few days before the statements of Mazda denying the development of the model.

however, despite the claims of the brand, a half-japanese categorically states that the dome of Mazda has already approved both the final design as their development and subsequent production of this new generation of sports Wankel engine. Pointing out that its commercial release would coincide with the first centennial of the signing of Hiroshima, becoming therefore in the central part of the celebrations of this particular anniversary.


New patent of rotary engine made by Mazda in 2015.

The new model, that assumes the denomination already registered RX-9, would be presented in the Lounge of Tokyo in 2019, and would come to the japanese market in January 2020, to celebrate the centenary, which met that same year.

Such a medium, the magazine Holiday Auto, also says that at the upcoming Tokyo motor show, 2017 , we could already see a preview in the form of a prototype to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of the first model of the brand that included engine type rotary, the Cosmo of 1967.

But these new and amazingly specific data about the model that come from Japan don’t end there, because the same media claims that the new mechanics used will not be the same engine SKYACTIV-R, recently presented by the brand, being an evolution that raises its capacity up to 1.6 litres, employing two rotors of 800 c. c. supercharged that in addition, could incorporate a system of compression ignition the style of the diesel HCCI.


According to reports from Japan, the new model would be an evolution of the RX-Vision concept of 2015.

The figure of power would be above the 400 horsepower for a total weight that does not reach the 1,300 kilos, which would provide for an excellent ratio weight/power, which translates into a great ease of handling and high performance. In terms of the price of the new sports will be estimated a value below the 8 million japanese yen in your market, a few 70.750 euros at the exchange current.

All these data, although they are extraordinary and suspiciously specific, do not cease to be possible at the technical level, but from unspecified sources by the press japan, so that we should take them with caution and to await the arrival of the announced dates, to be able to check the veracity of this new information.