New road speed limits

In the spring to take effect the new traffic rules, where change speed limits on the roads. For other roads will be 90 km / h, and in some parts of other roads, the speed limit is 70 km / h or less. Nuevos limites de velocidad en carretera

to reduce the accident rate which is currently at 77%, intends Interior Ministry reduce the speed of 100 km. / H , which is currently to 90 km. / H. Maximum, and in some side sections, where the maximum width of the road is less than or equal to 6, 5 meters, called narrow roads, when 70 km. / Hour. . Maximum

The narrow walkways have a very high risk of accidents; so the new traffic rules is scheduled adjust the speed according to the width of the roadway Arcen and not like today.

Although not determined the final rate will be set to highways, meant that this amount is set to 130 km. / H compared with 120 km. / H. Where it lies.

These new measures follow him which was approved in January a new driving test, where theory test takes about 25 minutes, during which the student must continue a marked destination unordered someone and theoretical test , which will be expanded next year to all provinces, where you have to answer a touchscreen to thirty questions randomly and individualized.

The General Traffic want to make extensible drug testing, because until now was a minority along with alcohol, to be achieved than controls drug is the same number as alcohol.

The new Regulation will also include new measures for cycling. Promotions and special emphasis on the use of seat belts, child safety and the use of helmets for moped drivers will become.

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