New spy photos of the Porsche Cayenne 2018

Until the roads close to the arctic Circle Arctic has been the unit camouflaged the next generation of the Porsche Cayenne to advance its development on the way with temperatures really low. But there were also our photographers spy to capture new snapshots that we unlock some more details of the SUV from Stuttgart.

If a few weeks ago we had the first pictures of the model at a certain distance, the images that bring you today let us see in more detail and reveal certain aspects of the next todocamino German.

photos reveal a front without apparent changes, which probably have not been fitted still in the unit, keeping the front bumper of the Cayenne Turbo, although the reality is that the details are hidden under the camouflage, since we can observe a distinct binding of the bumper with the front flippers comparing this unit with the current model of the brand, which wants to tell us that soon we will see a redesigned front.


So looks like the side view of the next Cayenne.

This also takes us to a body redesigned, and it is that can be observe a few wheel arches wider and large that make winning packaging and presence to the model as well as a waist slightly higher that causes a few changes in its side silhouette.

Your roof, which suffers a fall more pronounced, it also receives some changes, and it can be seen a few light nerves from the upper part of the pillar up To the top of the C-pillar denoting a work of design and aerodynamic new.

Also, and predictably, with the mission of better aerodynamics and consumption of the todocamino, rear spoiler has been renewed with a greater fall, and dimensions that help in the data of drag coefficient in the wind tunnel, and in the finish of your behind, which now boasts a gate trunk of larger dimensions and profile of charging lower as well as a revamped bumper with a large diffuser and central dual outlet exhaust.


despite the hidden optical rear, we can appreciate most of the changes in your behind.

Still a few months until his departure in the second half of next year 2017, but we have enough time to continue to collect details and seeing as the SUV German lost camouflage to be able to tell here, in is.