New spy photos of the upcoming BMW X2

Captured by our photographer spy rolling down a public road in full swing, so are the new snapshots that are still revealing to us how it will be the BMW X2, the next SUV from the bavarian manufacturer to be seen again.

Using platform UKL of the German mark (which use the BMW X1 or the 2-Series Active Tourer, among others) and deducing, therefore, that the model will be front-wheel-drive or full, the compact SUV German will be between the X1 and X3, both in size and prices on the full range of BMW models.


In this new BMW X2 stands out your body coupé waist high and a few side windows and rear.

Highlights in the set especially the the ascending line of his waist which converges with the fall of its roof, with a more coupé-like, leaving little glass in the tailgate which makes it give you a line more similar to the already existing X4 and X6, but without increasing too much the dimensions of the BMW X1.

Your front, although hidden by the camouflage and optical assistants, who cover the calender, does not differ too much from his little brother, leaving the prominence to the back, a gate with a little glass and bumpers that charge a certain height, so that lets us glimpse less livability in the trunk, probably.

In this way, the next SUV of BMW will be presented as an alternative todocamino for the consumer to locate a vehicle character more sporty and carefree than his brother the X1, but without having to take one more step in size (and price) than you could buy a X4, all of this, to end of 2016.