New spy photos reveal the sporty rear of the successor of the Mercedes-AMG TO 45


it Is undeniable that behind the version more sporty and radical of the new Mercedes A-Class conveys something more than strength and power

The boys of have managed to hunt down a test unit of the successor of the Mercedes-AMG A 45, still we do not know what his real name, if you will grow any encrypted or not, a detail that we will know as you approach your presentation or due to any filtration.

Barajándose a name like Mercedes-AMG 50, the successor will ride a four-cylinder engine with 2.0-liter, twin-turbocharged, direct-injection of gasoline and all the arsenal of technologies of Mercedes to increase the maximum power above 400 HP, and is not worth a mere increase of a score of horses, but who appreciate a few more possibly to be around 420 HP and, of course, with the all-wheel drive system 4MATIC +.

But leaving aside the detail of the name, what is certain is that these photos spies are most revealing to date that will be the version top of the range of the new generation of the Mercedes A-Class, the most prestacional and radical, and it is that are just a few images but leave the view almost completely the entire rear of the new compact sports with an aggressive bumper that brings a big difference compared to the current model.


The front of the successor of the Mercedes-AMG A 45 still maintains a great camouflage, which produces in us a greater attention

there is No doubt that the Mercedes-AMG A 45 offers a view of the rear very sporty, but to be honest the exhaust integrated into the chrome tips square and perfectly integrated in the rear apron does not give the sense of a sport with a huge potential under the hood, on the contrary, that these large exhaust outlets with four terminals spherical accommodation of the skirt, and with a central part that still hides the diffuser aerodynamic or shameless spoiler roof.

it Is clear that Mercedes-AMG does not want to give even a single track of the design that will be offered at the front, for which reason a large layer of camouflage adhesive is all the volume front to the base of the windshield. The image shows how the width has been increased with a greater width on the front track, more muscular, at the same time you can see some details that will bolster the sporty image.

The engine hood seems to contain some nerves more profiled and the new bumper floor plus the height of the body being the lower lip of the bumper a few millimeters from the asphalt. In addition, the air intake right with the camo perforated gives an idea that needs a large cooling, while the grill is completely camouflaged, but in the same way that others have done models of the division of sports, so we hope the design of vertical bars in the style of Pan, a detail that would no doubt increase a lot more the sportiness of the model.


The design in the shape of a star with rays double is typical of models of Mercedes-AMG, leaving a clear view of the holes in the front discs