New Volkswagen Advanced Mid-Size SUV only for China


New Volkswagen Advanced Mid-Size SUV.

mark German has plans, very ambitious for its range in the chinese market. During the event of presentation of the new generation of the Volkswagen Touareg in China, announced a deployment of the latest from the brand for the coming years in the SUV segment, including the unveiling of two new models, although for now only in the format of a prototype of pre-production.

These models were the new Volkswagen Power Family SUV and the Volkswagen Advanced Mid-Size SUV, for now only in the format of a pre-production but with a configuration very close to the model that will reach the dealers are chinese in brief.

The Advanced Mid-Size SUV, despite its name, is really a crossover compact size, very similar to the Power Family SUV but with some aesthetic touches differentiated, such as the front, the waist line, new side skirts and a few lenses and grill different.


Addressed to the elites of the country.

According to the description of the mark, this new crossover will be positioned between the Volkswagen T-ROC and the Volkswagen Tiguan, which was also presented in the event the hybrid version plug-in variant of body-long L. The new Advanced Mid-Size SUV is aimed at the “elites of the country who have tastes more refined”, so we can consider it a sort of compact SUV finishes premium.

At first sight it appears very similar to the Power Family SUV, that model is a generalist, so that we understand that this model will have better finishes and equipment, in addition to increased technological endowment.

By the time it is not known the date of arrival of this model on the market, although it should not take too much. In the rear area you could read the inscription TSI, but nor has it been revealed the composition of the range you will find the chinese customers at the dealership. For the moment, has only been confirmed for China.