New Volkswagen Tiguan 7-seater revealed in full

Since your profile is clearly appreciated the longer distance between axes.

despite the fact that it is a model initially developed for markets such as the chinese or the north american, the new Volkswagen Tiguan of extended platform and 7-seater has been caught without camouflage in the european territory.

This new version would complement the new range Tiguan with a variant of chassis lengthened to to be able to accommodate a third row of seats, raising the capacity to 7 seats.

This mule testing, or prototype, pre-series reveals his new size, especially in the rear area, where not only is palpable, the new distance between the axles, with a rear doors of greater length and an evident increased rear overhang. Own modifications of the increase in size necessary to accommodate the new row of seats.

it is Also remarkable the new design of the pillar D, which now sports a new window that is not only larger, but at its lower edge no longer continues the line that marked the rest of the side windows, as in the Tiguan 5 seats, but that shows a new and sharp-sloping line, offering an image more dynamic and less solid on that last pillar.

In principle, this new variant will be manufactured in China, by the joint venture SAIC Volkswagen, as customers of the chinese market greatly appreciated the extra space in the rear bench, however, this new version of seven-seater also will be manufactured in Mexico, with destination to the united States and Canada. Markets eager for crossover models of great size and volume of the load.

with respect to the offer mechanics we do not expect to find any surprises with this new version, which will be premiered at the beginning of 2017 in the markets of the new continent, where, precisely, is still sells the previous generation of the Tiguan, with just the gasoline engine supercharged 2.0 TSI 200 hp,.

In the rear we find the greatest number of differences.

In terms of the possible variant of european specifications, the Tiguan current have in our country a large range of petrol engines and diesel ranging from 125 up to 190 HP, combined with front-wheel drive or full 4Motion and manual transmissions or automatic dual-clutch DSG (according to versions).

later, Volkswagen should launch the hybrid version plug-in
based on the Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Concept
, with a combined power
of up to 218 HP, the version that should have great reception in ground