News of the vehicle with that Audi wants to explore the Moon


Audi will not just have a presence on the roads of the world, but that you want to expand your brand even to the surface of the Moon. Months ago we discussed the first data of Audi moon quattro that will be filed by the company with the German challenge Google Lunar XPRIZE that, in addition to launching a vehicle to the Moon, will provide a cash prize of 30 million dollars.

For their manufacture, Audi is sponsoring a team of German scientists and time have already been awarded with two awards “Milestone” for its advanced development and innovative optical systems, so that in time aims high to achieve his goal.

as noted above, the vehicle is composed by components mostly made of aluminium high resistance, and its weight is 35 Kg. Is expected to reduce even more the weight using magnesium in some components in place of aluminum and modifying your design while the latter may result in an increase of size for the vehicle.


The vehicle has a solar panel to generate the energy that powers a battery ion lithium which will supply the necessary energy to the four-engined located on each of the axes. The wheels of the vehicle are individual and can rotate 360 degrees. It also has two cameras that allow to obtain 3D images of high resolution located on the front and a third chamber whose function is to study materials.

it Was estimated that the maximum speed would be 3.6 km/h and the aspect that has made a foothold is in the stability of the vehicle to irregular surfaces such as the Moon (why we are conducting intensive vehicle tests in areas such as the Alps autrĂ­acos and Tenerife). It is also taking care of even the smallest detail security in navigation systems.

Another strong point of the vehicle is the permanent all-wheel drive to the four wheels based on the system quattro and the system electric propulsion (e-tron seen in some commercial models of the brand. The fact that the Quality department of Audi is overseeing the motors and electrical components and the department Audi Concept Design is in the process of refining the final design are signs of the great commitment of the company to which the project will go forward.