Next call to the review of safety belts and airbags Autoliv


safety Belt from Autoliv

At the time of wonder why you can’t fail, never in a vehicle, the answer should be the security systems, both passive and active. However, sometimes errors occur in the production of these systems, and can become problematic if not detected in time.

In this case, is the provider of safety systems, Autoliv has raised the hare. While they performed some routine tests of quality, you will have noticed that have manufactured tens of thousands of components that could be defective.

These components are related to seat belts and airbags. It has nothing to do with this problem with the airbags of your competitor, Takata, which already has 40 million vehicles affected worldwide. Is more, Autoliv says that still there is regret no victim for the quality problem detected.


The provider Swedish has informed the NHTSA of the united States of problems in two components. The first of them is related to the pretensioner pyrotechnic safety belt, a system that tightens the belt in case of an accident to hold up the body when there is a slowdown.

Autoliv believes that the pyrotechnic device could fail and become a “projectile”, that is to say, the explosion would not be controlled and could lead to personal injury. Would be affected approximately 267.000 vehicles.

The other affected component has to do with the boot sequence of the pretensioner pyrotechnic and the airbag, which in the absence of more specificity on the part of the provider, must be some control unit or circuit. If this component fails, or jumps the pretensioner, or its own airbag, but the seat belt would work like that in any model before the 90’s. Would be affected a few to 114,000 vehicles.

video Demonstration of the operation of a safety belt modern, with belt tensioners, pyrotechnic and load limiters

Autoliv did not specify what manufacturers and what models may be affected. One thing is for sure, they would be new vehicles or who have not even arrived at the dealers, because all the affected components have been manufactured this year.

The pre-tensioners are problematic have been manufactured between 10 April and 15 October, while the part of activation of airbags/belt tensioners is made between 16 July and 4 November. Therefore, much less we are faced with a social alarm or a problem of enormous proportions.

Autoliv has components in more than 1,300 models at the global level. The provider will talk with the manufacturers to see what models they have to be called to fix or prevent out of dealerships if you do not have an owner already. The final number of vehicles affected will be between 300,000 and 400,000 units.

Fortunately for this provider, bear the costs of the call to review-that they are going to check the manufacturers – will not be a financial impact which jeopardizes the viability of Autoliv. In other words, will be able to afford it and, obviously, customers will not have to pay anything for the call to review.

The problem of Takata is “a little bit” larger, exceeds by 100 times the number of vehicles affected, only that in this case there is talk of fatalities, serious injuries, judgments, awards… and a few costs astronomical call to review.

The provider japanese will surely in the hands of your competitors, because it does not have the financial capacity to cope with such a barrage of costs. Millions of its airbags, manufactured during this century, can be deployed in a violent way, throwing shrapnel and metal parts to the occupants. Decidedly, are not very comparable.