Next Mitsubishi EVO would be a SUV based on the ASX


The Mitsubishi EVO based on Lancer is officially dead, fart that does not mean that the name disappears. Brand managers say the model could resurrect based on the ASX SUV .


Mitsubishi-XR-PHEV II L a tenth generation Mitsubishi EVO goodbye this year with a special edition to which the brand called Final Edition . While Mitsubishi announced that the iconic model based on the Lancer begin to form part of the history books of the brand, since there will be a new generation replace him. [1.99901 million]

But that does not mean that the name EVO disappear, since in recent statements to the British publication AutoExpress , the head of the brand to that country Lance Bradley said who are planning to develop a new Mitsubishi Evo based SUV .

The Mitsubishi ASX could become the basis of EVO.

But I would not be based on the current ASX, since the model will gain a new generation in the short term, with a design that could be linked with the XR-PHEV II Concept unveiled at this year’s Motor Show Geneva.

The product is not yet officially confirmed, but Bradley said chances are high because it is a project that is being discussed by senior executives of the company. At the same time, the manager said that the next generation of products of Mitsubishi win an interior with enhanced quality perception , in terms of achieving a semblance more premium.

Bradley confirmed the next generation of ASX for next year and indicated that will be available with four-wheel drive along with a variant plug-in hybrid , which hit the market at a later stage. The executive ended on ensuring that technical basis, would not be difficult to achieve a high-performance variant bearing the name EVO.





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