NextEV Nio EP9: New record for road cars at Nordschleife

NextEV Nio EP9 Nurburgring

The hipercar electric brand china NextEV has marked a new record on the track in Nurburg, toppling the time that marked the Radical SR8LM to the end of the year 2009. And is that it has taken 8 years to beat the record car “legal”, that is to say, valid for driving on the street.

The NextEV Nio EP9, a hipercoche of 1.360 CV fully electric, with a power output of 1 MW, a maximum speed of 312 km/h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2,7 seconds, and who failed in his attempt in October 2016, with a time of 7:05,12 –but by recording that time as the best time for an electric car-, has broken the record marked by the Radical SR8LM.

NextEV Nio EP9

With a time of 6 minutes and 45,90 seconds, the EP9 break the record of 8 years of the Radical SR8LM in the category of cars suitable to be driven on the street and reducing 20 seconds of the time that marked in October of 2016, without a doubt, a great feat for the brand. Even so, the 6:45,90 registered by the hipercoche chinese, are 35 seconds slower that the return that was Stefan Bellof in 1983 and was awarded the title of fastest lap at the Ring with any car.

The time of 6:45,90, in addition to being the fastest time for a street car and an electric car, is also the fastest time for a car with all-wheel drive. Without doubt, it was a very productive day for the guys NextEV.

The EP9, despite being dubbed as a “street car”, it will be very difficult for you to see, as they only will be produced in 20 copies in the whole world, despite the fact that the company had capado production to just 6. The Nio EP9 has a value of 1.350.000 euros, and is that an electric car with such a quantity of horses, 1.360, there is something to be seen, or sold, all day.