Nick Tandy expects a WEC more competitive without Audi


The launch of Audi Sport’s WEC has left a category LMP1 hybrid somewhat depopulated, although there are more and more voices that stand out still be painful goodbye to the firm of Ingolstadt, we must not make a drama. If Allan McNish claimed that Le Mans has gone through times much more dark, is now Nick Tandy which predicts a competition even higher. The new pilot of Porsche in LMP1 considers that the freezing of the technical regulation will allow Porsche and Toyota to refine their prototypes and increase the performance of the LMP1 in all types of circuits.

Nick Tandy will face his first full season WEC at the wheel of the Porsche 919 Hybrid #1 next to Neel Jani and AndrĂ© Lotterer, although he already knows what is to dispute the 24 Hours of Le Mans at the wheel of an LMP1, so he knows the keys to the contest: “Clearly, with less LMP1, the show will be less, especially in Le Mans. We will miss her very much Audi in this aspect. But in my mind draw a competition with greater potential than ever. With the rules frozen, the teams can focus on perfecting the LMP1 they have, instead of dividing their resources”.

In this aspect, Tandy explains: “last season we watched as a prototype to be adapted to a style of track and other were strong in other places. Andn 2017 we will not see it, since all will have perfected their engines and will be fast in all parts”. Therefore, the winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2015 considers that Toyota will come with a renewed impetus after the fiasco suffered in The Sarthe: Toyota will make it very strong. The defeat at Le Mans last season will have hurt a lot, so I am sure that you will be ready to win this time”.