Nico Rosberg besieges the leadership at Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton in trouble


Mercedes comes out of China with a new triumph under the arm, once again by Nico Rosberg. The German rider lost the lead at the start, but regained it soon after the puncture of Daniel Ricciardo and, without immediate threats behind after the touch of the Ferrari, won the test comfortably.

Rosberg was very satisfied for a weekend immaculate and praised the behavior of his car: “they Have been wonderful days for me here in China, an almost perfect weekend. Only the output could have been better, but luckily I was able to pass Daniel on the straight later, and since then I was able to build a mattress. I have to say that I’ve never had a balance on the car as good as the one I had today, it has been perfect”.

“I Am a man very happy today and, after three races, I can be very satisfied with the development of my season so far. But is a very long year, and there are still many points on the table, so I’m not going to lose concentration. Now think of Russia, where I started my good run of ratings in the past year. With luck, I will be able to get a back like that.”


The career of Lewis Hamilton was through other avenues. His comeback was further complicated by being involved in a touch at the start, and although he managed to reach the area of points, could only manage seventh, without being able to beat the Williams of Felipe Massa in the end wraps: “it has Definitely been a weekend difficult. I started well, but it is always difficult to start back and not become involved in the domino effect of any touch in the first corner. I Tried to avoid what happened in front of me, but I’ve been involved with at the end. It has been simply a bit of bad luck. Since then, I was going to always be a battle, but I’ve had a great time going up. There was lots of overtaking, so that I can remember. I have given all I had, and the 7th position is close to the limit.”

Hamilton said that his car had suffered some kind of damage in the incident from the beginning that he did not know to identify at the time: “There was nothing left in the tyres at the end and, although it is a good place to overtake, had damage to the car that made it difficult to get close to the brakes. By what I could tell, she had lost something of downforce, and you may also have the suspension damaged, as the car seemed to flexaba by all sides”.

“But they are racing, it happens sometimes, and at least I managed a few points. Is a hard blow in terms of points, but I just have to do what I can to compensate for it in the next races.”