Nico Rosberg: “I have great respect for Hamilton, but we are not friends”


Nico Rosberg has seen his lead in the championship has been diluted. The German pilot came to hold 40 points of margin over Lewis Hamilton, but the appointment of Austria and Great Britain have returned to balance the scales, albeit with an extra dose of tension within the team Mercedes because of the touch between their two riders in Austria. Despite this event and the penalty incurred at Silverstone for the radio messages, the German shows calm, confident in itself and eager to tackle the upcoming races.

I’m incredibly quiet. I feel very good. The battle is list with Lewis” claimed Nico Rosberg in a wide-ranging interview in ‘The Guardian’. The German added: “I have No doubt myself in the most difficult moments. Thing happened to Me last year when I lost in Austin the championship. it Is true that Austria has been a tough run to overcome, especially by the discussions that have been spread in the media and by the position of anger of Toto Wolff. If I focus on the points is disappointing because I was 40 points ahead, but this does not affect me in any way“.

The time plays an important role. What we have seen with Lewis and with me from 2014. We have always gone in waves. It is strange, but I think that its wave can stop now” explained Rosberg, who considers even so that is a big opportunity: “it Is evident that there is a great motivation when you are fighting for the victory. the fight for The title is very intense. The learning curve is very steep and we have made tremendous progress. The driving does not change much, but it is a difficult situation because you are competing against yourself and against other opponent. it Is a unique challenge“.


The increasing rivalry between Rosberg and Hamilton led the team to
change part of the technical one on the other side of the box, although the
team is reluctant to use team orders, something that, thanks Nico
Rosberg: The team orders are, without doubt, the last thing you want to,
so I hope they keep this direction. I want to beat Lewis,
because it is one of the toughest rivals. Is one of those opponents with the
you get greater satisfaction to the beat
and more if it is through
of a World Championship”.

I have great respect for Hamilton,
but we are not great friends
explains Nico Rosberg, who understands the
situation at Silverstone: it is Not pleasant that you abucheen.
It hurts. Even when there are 100 people behind you and only two that don’t
do you hear those two. There is No other”
. In any case, Rosberg
working to win: “I’ve had a successful career and I hope to have
more hits. My dream is to win the World Championship and I am struggling
. What I’m going to give it all. It is almost unique in the history of Formula 1
have a car so dominant during a period so long, so that
I have to fight for win”.