Nicolas Perrin seeks to resurrect his LMP1 in the face 2018


The technical stability that has established the premier class of the WEC has attracted the interest of several manufacturers at the time of developing its own LMP1. Ginetta and RB Engineering have been the first two to announce the creation of their own prototypes, but it could not be the only ones interested in putting on track its LMP1 ahead of the season 2018. In this aspect, Nicolas Perrin wants to resurrect the LMP1 design in 2014 under a relevant update to adapt to the technical changes of today, with the aim of providing a very versatile alternative to private computers.

In this aspect, Nicolas Perrin has explained in an interview Endurance-info’ that its LMP1 has never been ‘stand’ and the work on its design has remained current during the last few years waiting for the right moment for its release, so that is not a problem to adapt its prototype to the current needs. And that is precisely one of the keys of this project, open to the collaboration of external actors at various levels. In the same way, the prototype Perrin can equip different mechanical solutions, including the hybrid system that was designed in the first instance.

In this way, LMP1 ‘open source’ designed by Perrin you can also adapt the engine to AER that has been used ByKolles or even explore new options with Cosworth or from other manufacturers. Be that as it may, the reality of the project of Nicolas Perrin is still fuzzy and only realized with the support of some private computer. The training gala figure in six months, the final development of the prototype, whether at your own or is done by the hand of a second structure. With a final price of 950.000 pounds, the question is whether any team will give shape to the LMP1 of the structure gala.