Niki Lauda denies an alliance with Mercedes-Ferrari


Bernie Ecclestone has been very hard with the role of Mercedes-AMG and Ferrari in the ongoing Formula 1. The pattern of the category considered that the strength of hegemonic exercising both manufacturers to change the supply of their engines limits the freedom of the teams and leads the championship into the abyss. Without hairs in the language, Ecclestone has come to say that both formations are ‘siamese twins’ and even hinted that Mercedes has even helped Ferrari on a technical level, the affirmation that comes with the controversy of the arrival of Jock Clear to Maranello background.

in the Face of these accusations, Niki Lauda has responded to the. The former pilot of Ferrari and part of the staff of Mercedes-AMG currently has made clear what is the actual posture on the relationship between the two formations, answering as well to the accusations of the Bernie Ecclestone: “we Must make one thing very clear. Ferrari is a rival of Mercedes, a rival that we must always defeat. We are not talking of any alliance”. The austrian believes that it is true that there are common goals, but simply by the condition of bikers: In political terms, there are certain common interests, but also Honda and Renault are also in agreement on them”.


One of the things that has heated up the atmosphere is the signing of
Jock Clear
. The technician has arrived at Ferrari from the ranks of
the formation of Brackley, although it has not been the only one since other two
engineers from Mercedes have changed the color silver on red. By
do this, Niki Lauda removes importance in the matter of: “Jock Clear was
responsible for the car Hamiltón, but 12 months ago, that is not with
us. That in Formula 1 is a long time. Ferrari has signed three
people, but these things happen
. Everything is stable”.

finally, Niki Lauda did not want to lose the opportunity in their
statements to ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ to assess the strength of your
opponent: Ferrari you can progress more easily that we in aspects
as the chassis, the aerodynamics and the engine. We were very strong
the preparation of the hybrid engine, but in these moments our
margin of improvement is minimal,”
. In this line Lauda believes that: “Ferrari
returns to be Ferrari. You can see how they have recovered ground.
Vettel has given all of us that think because Ferrari back in
the right way to continue progressing