Nikola One, the Tesla of electric trucks will make its debut on December 2

More than 1,600 km of autonomy with a deposit of 15 minutes

Nikola and Tesla have a lot to see, apart form the name of one of the greatest inventors of all time also both have been proposed change the way you see the world of the disabled. Elon Musk has been a long journey but Nikola still has to finish being born. The next day December 2 we will see renders, theory and promises miraculous about this electric truck. We meet the first prototype of the Nikola One.


Salt Lake City, Utah (united States) is the scenario chosen by the american company to disclose for the first time the long-awaited electric truck that will change the whole world. The promises that broadcasts this prototype, talk about your ability to carry goods of 80,000 pounds of weight (36.287 Kg) with a range of over 1,000 miles (something over 1,600 km).

If this seems incredible more and you will be amazed to know that with only 15 of rest is able to go back to move another 1,000 miles. All of this is possible thanks to a set of six electric motors, each one of them built in a wheel, whose total power is more than 2.000 CV and more than 5,000 Nm of torque, a set of batteries 320 kWh capacity and a system of regenerative braking.


Nikola promises the revolution in transport of goods

in Addition to its practicality when transporting goods practically without limitations with regard to their autonomy and recharge times, Nikola announced that its electric trucks would mean the fall of the diesel because their benefits are higher and the price per trade is reduced to half in compared with the of always.

Nikola already some time ago that supports reservations to purchase their trucks with a total of more than 7.000 firm orders paying for a signal. The company offers a system of leasing monthly payment during which the first million miles do not have to worry about not even for the fuel that drives your truck, reaching benefits on your investment from the first month. It also has plans to create a renewable energy plant. We will see in what remains of all this