Nikon KeyMission 360: is a new camera (capable of recording videos of 360°) to unseat GoPro?

Our perspective CES 2016 is, obviously, linked to the world of the engine, to the ever more news that the signatures of cars there presented to us, but we can not ignore nor did news that in a more the accessory is also linked to this our passion as is the case of the Nikon KeyMission 360, the new camera action that could leave them on the shelf to your GoPro.

we Still have to know details, like its price, its battery…

what Will be more economic than the GoPro? its dual lens makes us doubt it. The GoPro4 is currently part from 220 euros with the Session, or from 430 euros with the GoPro4 Silver.

in Addition to introducing us to the D5, Nikon has come to the Consumer Electronics Show with an action camera that has the partcularidad to offer a an optical double, with a lens on the front face and a lens on the back side, ready to offer us the possibility to record videos of 360 ° .

Now imagine it on the roof of your car in the next few batches, recording what happens both to the front as what happens behind your back to give way to an experience much more complete.

While we wait for more details, important details on your marketing, on parameters such as your battery… let’s stay with that it is able to to record in 4K and with WiFi connection.

¿you Will be able to beat the GoPro?
there is Still much to discover as to judge it against that, today, we must consider as the king of action cameras.

Video of the Nikon KeyMission 360: