Nil Solans and a title of the JWRC, which is played in couples


Nil Solans has achieved his first goal. The Catalan driver took victory in the Tour de Corse and the Rally of Italy Sardinia within the category JWRC, two results are worth to win the first prize of the contest and having two tests with a Ford Fiesta R5 in the class WRC2 in 2018. With the title in the JWRC and WRC3 in mind, Solans faces the following two quotes from the JWRC in search of two new rallies with a R5 next season. Meticulous as always, Solans, you have already defined your plan to prepare the rally of Poland and Finland.

Nil Solans held a regional rally in Poland to prepare for the test of the WRC in the country. It will be this weekend when the Catalan competes, with his own Ford Fiesta R2 towed from Spain, in the Rajd Warminski. This test will serve to Solans to accumulate kilometres in the always fast sections of the country that will host the next round of the World championship. In addition, the pilot of Matadepera could compete in another regional rally in Finland to prepare for the test in the world championship. In its default and this option is not the end, remember, this competition could be replaced by a private test.

Solans accumulate so a preparation exquisite for the two more sophisticated tests of the calendar of the JWRC. English has only in mind to be the pilot with the most points in the team formed by Poland and Finland to win two other rallies in WRC2 and do the same in Germany and Spain. In total, five rally with a R5 are in the game, in addition to the titles of the JWRC and WRC3. Ambitious targets for the Solans will have new supports. If in Sardinia joined the sponsorship of the brand of lubricants GRO, from Poland will be with the courier company MRW as a new partner.