Nil Solans closes in the Rally RACC a magical season


a disappointing step for the 208 Rally Academy forced Nil Solans and Miki Ibanez has reset their minds and refocus their sports program. Had No problems Solans, in a sample of your personality, take a step back and return to the Junior WRC, the category by which he had already spent in 2014. The first bars of the season gave the reason, until such a point that what began with the participation in the JWRC, has ended with the achievement of a dual title of Champion of the World, and with a program for 2018 pretty on track.

The Tour de Corse was the first stage of the successes of Nil Solans with his victory in the Junior WRC, a triumph that could not crystallize in WRC3 by the superior pace of the local Raphaƫl Astier. However, the revirados stretches of Corsica served for Solans would step in to fight for the title of WRC3, so that it took part in the Rally of Portugal, proves that it was not a round of the World Junior. There the triumph was for Pancho Name, while Solans had a real turning point. His double victory in Sardinia and Poland as well leave it patent.

In the Rally of Finland could not win, but Nil Solans be assured of a great result after a good comeback end. Since then, Solans reached the title of the WRC3 the Rally of Germany despite the victory of Julius Tannert and in the Rally RACC has certified his victory in the Junior WRC, something that was otherwise a thing of three scratch. As a result of the victory in Catalonia, Solans, closes the season as the receiver of all the awards DMACK, so that you will have seven rallies in WRC2 with a Ford Fiesta R5 footwear with the tires british.