Nine tips and tricks to not get dizzy in the car

the vast majority of us like to travel, some more than others, we like to do it in the car. However, a lot of people suffer from dizziness during long trips or to circulate for a time by winding roads. This phenomenon is called “motion sickness”, also known as “bad movement”. Motion sickness is a disorder that is due to the movement and its symptoms are vomiting, nausea and lack of balance. Do you sound?

As now you will not happens, but sure that small, or even in adolescence, not enjoyed too much of the travel, either by car, bus, boat or plane. If still you you’re still dizzy, or your children or companions are dizzy, we bring to you a few tips and tricks to prevent dizziness at the time of travel or, even, some other vomitona in the upholstery of your precious car.

why me dizzy in the car?

Carretera en la noche

dizziness are caused, among other reasons, because the information that you receive your brain are not balanced with the responsible for the balancing, that are your ears. That is to say, your brain is not prepared to a curve or a braking and he gets the information directly from the ears, once your entire body has already been shifted by the inertia.

In any case, there is nothing as a driver that you perform a smooth ride and progressive; that is to say, if the one who leads is abrupt, giving sudden acceleration, hard braking and volantazos, you are more likely to become dizzy. Here are nine tips and tricks to avoid motion sickness during a car ride.

Tricks to prevent vomiting, and dizziness in the car

Avoids reading, using the phone or playing with a gaming console

As we said, not being pending of the circulation our brain does not provide for a braking or a turn, nor when the inertia will stabilize. These movements will force them to the view to be able to see that book or that screen, what contributes to us mareemos. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to read or use electronic devices such as a mobile phone, a tablet or a small console.

to See what is happening ahead

If we with the head elevated, although we do not go totally outstanding of the movement (we always refer to the person not driving, of course), we will have anticipated perception by our view of what is happening in that moment and what is going to happen a few seconds after. That is to say, we know if we approach a curve, if we are going to pass by a ledge or if the driver little the speed. In this way our brain will already be prepared to take on such inertia.

If you’re on a bus or train try to sit in the direction of circulation

Asiento alzador Volvo

If we sit back the sense of movement we can’t see if there is a curve or a slope, so our brain is not expected to inertias that are going to feel. It is for this reason that many people mareen when they travel back. To this we must add that normally we travel sitting in the direction of travel, and we are not accustomed to travelling back. So, whenever you can, and even more so if you are prone to dizziness, travels in the direction of travel.

If you tides gave the driver that does not run and drive smooth

If the driver circulates to high speeds or to high rate areas of curves, is contributing to the companions mareen. He will see what he does, because you’re playing that you body and the rest of the companions to respond to vomiting and putting “lost” the interior of your car. As we know that you either makes grace to vomit, alerts the driver that you’re dizzy when you perceive the first symptoms and ask her to be more gentle with the controls of the vehicle.

The air circulation also help to avoid motion sickness in the car

The charged environment of the interior, in addition to subtracting comfort, increases the chances that we have discomfort and, therefore, we mareemos. It is advisable to travel with the climate control turned on so as to cool the interior of the vehicle and renew the air of the same.

to Sit erect and with the head supported also avoids dizziness

Another good habit to avoid motion sickness in the car is circular with the head resting on the headrest. In this way we avoid the displacement longitudinal rearward of the resulting accelerations, so that the movements of our head are reduced. In addition, we will have to do less efforts to maintain the head in equilibrium, which reduces fatigue and improves our comfort during the trip.

to Avoid the mountain passes and roads with many curves

carretera de curvas

If we planned our route in advance we can avoid the winding roads and mountain passes. The curves and slopes causing more movements of the body, therefore, come to our agency, and can end up causing dizziness. Having studied the route to our destination we will be able to do without, to the extent possible, of these pathways.

Planned stops along the route

If your companions are likely to get dizzy during the travel (or are not but on that trip, yes it is dizzy) a the high road is one of the best solutions to recover. Standing, stable, and without the typical movements produced during the circulation, will cause such dizziness subside and the body to recover. It is likely that you will have to stop several times and for not many miles but, if the journey is long and you can’t stop with frequency, it is very possible that the person dizzy to finish throwing up in your car. In addition, we can to take advantage of that stop to take a drink, rest for a few minutes and recharge.

Avoid alcohol

If ever you have gotten out of hand with the drink and after you’ve uploaded it to a car or a bus (hopefully as a passenger), you will know that the dizziness produced by alcohol seem to multiply with the movements of the vehicle in which you travel. So before a long trip, even if you are not the driver, better not even try it drop of alcohol.

Medication for motion sickness in car


There are medications in the form of a pill or on that eliminate or markedly reduce the dizziness. The most famous and used is the biodramina, and there are also pills child. According to count, this drug was created in the war as if the soldiers are seasick in ships, trucks or tanks could not aim their weapons effectively.

Be that as it may, the boom biodramina came in the 60’s, when many families could now afford to purchase a car. Of course, back then there were no roads as well as present, having to move on many roads twisty and mountain passes.

My dog is tide up in the car

When we embark on a holiday trip, we usually carry our pet with us. Many dogs become nauseous, especially when they are puppies. The first thing you have to do is habituarles with small journeys since you are little by taking, for example, to an area where we can play with it or let it run, for that does not relate car with have a hard time.

If still being used, still being prone to motion sickness and vomiting in travel, a good tip is that travel on an empty stomach, not leaving nor drinking too much water. Moreover, as in the case of humans, it is advisable to lead soft, keep the air fresh and get in the cockpit and make stops once in a while.