Nissan and BMW are joining forces to install 120 charging points in the US


Both electric models do not use the same charging system, as Nissan opted for CHAdeMO, and BMW for the Combo/CCS. These connectors are for fast reload, in both cases they can be charged at any plug, it only changes the speed.

120 charging points that BMW and Nissan deployed in the country are compatible with the two systems of fast charging. Operating at 120 volts and 50 kilowatts, are able to load 80% of the batteries between 20 and 30 minutes. This speed is superior to that provided by the chargers, Level 2, which operate at 240 volts.

have been distributed throughout 19 states, not just California. In the navigation systems of both cars can be found with ease, and also in the specific applications for the mobile phones of the owners.

The charging points fast, although they have not been designed for a common use, greatly improve the chances of independence of these cars do not have owners to be as prudent with the journeys. On the other hand, make it a little easier to travel between major cities.

This is a good example of how manufacturers rivals can collaborate and come out mutually benefited. Not only them, these charging points are also used for any electric car on sale in the united States.