Nissan and Daimler AG reorganize their operations in the new factory in Mexico

Daimler Nissan México

The human condition makes human beings seek support in other similar to get certain things. The automotive sector, to be formed by people, also have those inclinations, although the goals that are pursued are more economic than moral. alliances are as old than the presence of man on earth and the same thing happens with the running of the car brands.

As examples we have the collaboration agreements between brands, or if the topic is of greater substance, we can speak of mergers. In the first case, one of the agreements of collaboration that are more impacted when it was made public was the Daimler AG (parent of Mercedes-Benz) and the Renault-Nissan Alliance. At first they seemed not to fit, but seeing the good work that he has done the new Mercedes A-Class with the diesel engines of Renault and Infiniti with the base Class for your Q30, the agreement seems to be more successful.

Infiniti QX50 Concept

As part of this cooperation agreement included the construction of a new production plant in Aguascalientes (Mexico). As established between the parties, in this new factory mix models of Infiniti as well as a number of Mercedes-Benz. However, as a good agreement, the parties are reviewing and it seems that there will be adjustments in the operations of both brands of face-to-manufacture of their models.

This revision of the agreement comes after Nissan told you that will not use the platform MFA2 Mercedes-Benz to the next small model of Infiniti. After this, in Daimler AG were upset because the idea was to create a common basis for a series of models. Although after Carlos Ghosn jumped to the fore to say that in Nissan still are studying whether to finally use the same base that you are creating the signature of the star.

Be that as it may, Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti are willing to continue working together since manufacturing in Mexico can bring you substantial benefits. However both firms are vigilant to the effect that Trump will not lie your expectations and profits in the american market.

Source – Daimler AG – Nissan