Nissan and SUV, a love story better than Twilight

we All know what is meant by the expression “give the pitch”. Although all know, many do not experience it in their own meats. Nissan yes. 13 years ago he started a relationship of success to you in all time, was plagued with difficulties, Nissan and the SUV. Today they are the leading brand in the market and this is the story that looks at that relationship.


Few can look the fact of being pioneers in a sector, the Qashqai is one of them

it was the year 2002 when Nissan wanted to renew that, to date, was their compact model, the Almera. The project managers quickly realized that the next generation of this would be unable to comply with the objectives of the brand, or even increasing its size and along lines similar to units such as the SEAT Altea or the Golf Plus. So something had to be done.

In that moment is when it appears the figure of Hirohide Tagawa, which suggests the possibility of developing a Murano in reduced size. The idea does not convince everyone, but the leaders of Nissan approved the development of a project whose first step was the presentation of the concept of the Qashqai at the Geneva motor show in the year 2004. Immediately the revolutionary concept that it supposed was criticized by various sectors, but even so, Nissan is kept in their heels, and the project continued in march.

The task of carrying the prototype to reality was the Technology Centre of Nissan in Britain. The Qashqai would be designed and intended for the european market, so what better than these to materialize the SUV. The work was not easy, since there was nothing in that set or someone who would serve as a reference, even with this, the premises were clear: driving position high, large wheels, larger free distance with respect to the ground, and the interior and habitability own a compact. In this way the Qashqai would have the possibility of attracting customers by different pathways.


The first time we saw the Qashqai’s what we did with this look, the less different

During two years in charge of the project worked on the future model. Miles and miles of tests, trials, successes and failures that converged in the Paris Salon of 2006, where the Qashqai is materialized in its definite format. It was at that moment where the critics started to change their way of seeing the car and the concept that this represented.

Less than a year after the Nissan Qashqai of the first generation started their marketing. From here onwards the story is well known. Needless to say, Nissan was the pioneer, that many, if not all, followed their footsteps in the years following, and that today the market of SUVS grows and grows without stopping, reaching sales quotas that very few would have been able to think less than 10 years ago.

however, and as you all know, the relationship of Nissan SUV doesn’t end there, because in 2010 they returned to repeat the strategy, although on that occasion they did it in a smaller format, the Nissan Juke. If the Qashqai has been a resounding success, the Juke has not been less. Both are the crown jewels of the firm, are the strongholds that allow the progress and the development of other models such as the real Nissan GT-R, without them none of this would be possible.

With the passage of years, the figures attest to the great bet of Nissan. Since its launch, the Qashqai has accumulated a volume of sales exceeding 2.6 million units throughout the world. For its part, the Juke is hovering around the million vehicles, of which more than 600,000 roll on european roads. Both represent a market share of 14.7% at the european level, an outrage.


today Nissan has a range SUV perfectly staggered. A successful sales

Now, what awaits us in the future? For the idea of Nissan is to follow the way that he alone initiated. The Juke and the Qashqai, along with the X-Trail (which ever is taking more aroma SUV pure) will be updated with the passage of the years. In the past Hall of Frankfurt, we were able to see the character and the style that Nissan was thinking about to give their SUV, the Gripz Concept. It is an advance, like they did with the Qashqai in the year 2004. The time will pass sentence.

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