Nissan and the guys from Hoonigan celebrate as well their particular #BlackFriday

Sure in the last few weeks you’ve heard everywhere by the thousands of deals that will be launched thanks to the Black Friday. A commercial festivity imported from the united States that is celebrated with a lot of waste and consumerism. Although we like the way that they do it Nissan and the specialists of Hoonigan.

on board two Nissan 370Z with 1,000 horses each, and with a shopping center abandoned Los Angeles as a stage, the two-time Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck impress us with a few exercises incredible precision. A risk that is shown in different shots, where a fall was more likely.

The demonstration, in the style of Gymkhana Ken Block, in fact they are the same makers, was not without its complications. One of the biggest problems was the large amount of dust accumulated for years in this center abandoned. Such was the amount that the riders had to run with masks.


How little it takes to be happy. A shopping centre and two Nissan 370Z 1,000 HP each

The shooting was not without injury, since a camera was run over during the recording, although there was no serious injury. What has been said, a spectacular way to celebrate Black Friday, the “black Friday” that will also come to Spain with some succulent offers on the part of dealers.