Nissan Barcelona will go on strike on 8 November to improve your salary

Nissan e-Nv200Nissan Spain, it seems that it will complicate things. During the years of the crisis, the plant located in Barcelona had to make great sacrifices to keep telling her to make new products. So well did his work the Press have been awarded to them exclusively, however, it seems that not everything goes according to plan.

One of the sacrifices to those who had to face the template Nissan plant in barcelona was to wage cuts. These cuts would be reviewed and revised upwards as the crisis going on and the factory achieved the objectives proposed from the brand. However, once the crisis appears to have passed, the trade unions and the mark cannot agree on when to review and increase salaries.

nissan-navara(1)As we know, Nissan would have offered to plant workers a wage increase for the years 2016 and 2017 from 1 percent. This increase would only be consolidating the half of each corresponding year, and the other part would be effected by the payment of a supplement extraordinary. This proposal, in the eyes of the unions, seems to be insufficient and for this reason they would have called the factory workers to strike.

So that this does not take place, the unions would have raised a climb, as a minimum, of 1.5 per cent for each year. In addition, they claim that this rise should be consolidated and recorded in the tables of salary. However, it appears that since the direction of the firm would not have accepted this proposal and thus arises the disagreement.

Other problems that the unions are looking to solve is the reduction of hiring through subcontractors and that the pace of work of the plant is reduced to levels more acceptable to the template. However, in both aspects, there is also no agreement in principle between the parties.

The work stoppages will be of one hour duration shift work next 27 October and 3 November. In addition, for the next 8 November would have been called a strike, but in this case 24 hours of duration.

From here we hope to reach good agreement for the good of the plant and on the possible improvements that could be obtained if the brand opted for Barcelona to make the next generation of the Qashqai.

Source – EFE