Nissan begins tests on public road of a vehicle driving autonomous

Nissan also rises to the wave of vehicles driving autonomously and announced that towards the end of next year will be its first model. The evidence on the public road have already begun.

Nissan Leaf (Prototipo de conducción autónoma)Nissan announced the start of development testing of a prototype self-contained in the public road, based on the current Nissan Leaf, which will be put to the test in real traffic, both in roads and highways as in the city. The vehicle is equipped with the necessary technology to conduct themselves by themselves, including a system of cameras, a millimeter wave radar, and laser scanners, among others.

Nissan has set the goal to achieve is to put in place the so-called Piloted Drive 1.0 towards the end of next year, a system that will allow driving autonomous in conditions of traffic of the motorway. By 2018 they plan to give the release the next, since by then the system ‘Piloted Drive’ be able to make lane changes. But the last step in the career of Nissan get driving autonomous full, is to launch a new technology that by the year 2020, will allow their vehicles to behave in an autonomous way within the city, including at the intersections.

All this is possible thanks to two innovative components: one of them is a laser scanner in miniature, which is currently in a prototype phase. This laser scanner determines the distance between the vehicle and its environment, through the use of a system of three-dimensional measurement very precise, which allows the vehicle to be driven autonomously small spaces. The second component is a complex camera system 8-way with view of 360 degrees, which helps the pilot to self to make accurate decisions when you cross intersections or winding roads.

In this sense Takao Asami, executive vice president of Nissan, said that they have established clear objectives which aim to achieve a vehicle driving in an autonomous, reaffirming that we are very near to achieve that goal.

Nissan Leaf (Prototipo de conducción autónoma)