Nissan could launch a rival to the Ford Ranger Raptor on the Navara

in early February Ford discovered the shocking Ranger Raptor. This pick up vitaminado, intended to meet the needs of fans of vehicles are recreational, and represents the maximum in its segment because today, there is not a single opponent that is able to replicate his data technicians and mechanics. However, the rivalry in this part of the market does not stop growing, and one of the major brands would be thinking to give a blow on the table to demonstrate its power.

In this case, we do not talk about Toyota or Mitsubishi, but Nissan and Navara. According to rumors, the signature asian would be meditating very seriously the throw to the market a version with anabolics, of his pick-up most well-known and sold in the world. In this way, you could give the replica to the 213 HP and 500 Nm torque offered by its rival, extracted from a block four-cylinder engine with two turbos and 2-liter.

apparently, to accomplish this radical transformation, Nissan could use one of the mechanical turbo diesel engine that mounts the Mercedes-Benz a-Class X. Thanks to both models are based on the architecture developed by the japanese firm, and are assembled on the same production line of its plant in barcelona, can benefit from the technology of the German brand.

In this case, the unit chosen would be the 3.or liters in configuration V6 debut model of the star in a matter of months. If we take into account the power delivery of this engine in other models of the brand, 250 CV, Nissan already have a model that surpass in power and performance the Ford Ranger Raptor, so that you would only have to concentrate their efforts on creating a product that is more round, improving its image and inside finish.

In any way, this hypothetical version bastard of the Nissan Navara is still in the air. According to several sources internal to the brand nippon, the feasibility studies are still in the offices of the brand, so until you receive the approval, the model will not have the green light to start its development and put back in production. In addition, to this must be added that might not be available in all markets where it is sold the current Navara, so that their chances of reaching the market reduced even more.

Will have to have patience and wait for news of the brand that to confirm or desmientan these rumors.

Source – Auto News

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