Nissan could surprise us in 2016 with a hybrid extended range

Nissan seems to be working on a system of wireless charging that we already presented in a first advance. Now, from the mark itself, already speaks of a model that will have a system of extended range in order to eliminate that fear to stay lying so still among the undecided to make the leap to electric mobility.

The Nissan Leaf has, after its last update, with a range of 250 km, the price is 15.120 €

In a conversation with Motoring Yoshi Shimoida, Deputy Director General of Nissan, has pointed out that in the immediate future of the brand will have an electric car, accompanied by a range extender, confirmed his debut the next year.

Shimoida pointed out that this car will not be a model derived from the Nissan Leaf, what makes us think that it could be a totally new car, but has not given more details about it.

BMW i3 REX, are the rival to beat?

After the end of the Opel Ampera BMW i3 is the only representative of this type of technology, telling, in addition to mechanical power, with a propeller of 2-cylinder 647cc. Its price is 39.990 euros and has an autonomy of 300 km, acting this propellant combustion as a generator under a consumption of 0.6 l/100 km

In the image, the Nissan IDS Concept.