Nissan does not have a utility segment in Europe

Nissan PixoAgo, about two years ago that Nissan left the segment in Europe. After the disappearance of the Nissan Pixo quietly by the back door, the japanese manufacturer has not returned to have to witness in the segment of cars more urban, being the Nissan Micra, B segment, its smallest model and urban. The Nissan Pixo was in his time one of the cars more econñomicos of the market, along with the Suzuki Alto (model that was derived Nissan), while Suzuki found the relay on the Celerio.

And it seems that this situation is going to lengthen, since Nissan has no intention of marketing a new model segment in Europe. This segment does not have a large volume (although growing slowly) and is one of the most difficult. The price premium a lot in these cars, and urban in addition, the profit margins are small, so that it lengthens the period of amortization, and puts at risk the viability of launching a new model.

Renault KWIDNissan even could resort to the Renault Kwid, a utility segment and cut economic submitted months ago by Renault, which is the first car of the group in the use of the platform CMF-A. This car is manufactured in India, where it costs about 4,000 euros, and measures 3,68 metres in length. The problem with the Renault Kwid is that it was not designed to be marketed in Europe, so updating the model for the old continent would also have high costs.

The only feasible way to undertake a foray into the segment To european would be to partner with another manufacturer, but it seems to be directly that Nissan goes through the issue and will focus on its successful range of SUVS as well as in the latest models that is expected to launch to the market, among which is the new generation of the Nissan Micra, scheduled for 2016.

Source – Automotive News Europe

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