Nissan Electric Coffee, electricity beyond the car

often, when the word disabled is joined to the city of Paris, is always to talk about big traffic restrictions or periods high pollution produced in great part by the car.

while all this is true and the congestion and the emission of gases form part of the day-to-day of the French capital, also strolling through its streets you can see the the great process of adaptation towards mobility more sustainable (and that in the big cities of Spain we should envy), both by the number of charging points installed in their streets as for the remarkable density of electric vehicles that travel to the French capital, from the Tesla Model S as a taxi, to the fleets of Uber and Youngo, passing through Nissan e-NV200 labeled as company vehicles.


Perhaps, this has been one of the main reasons for the centre of Paris has been chosen by Nissan for the opening, for a very short period of time (from 16 to 18 December) the Nissan Electric Coffee in which we had the opportunity to be last week, at full opening.

And it is that, since the year 2010 the firm nippon presented its first electric vehicle for the public at large, the Leaf, have already been tour 3 billion kilometres; that’s a saving of 500 million kilograms in emissions of C02; some of the spectacular figures that we emphasized in Gareth Dunsmore, director of Electric Vehicles Nissan Europe.


But not only to celebrate figures are there, and that is that this cafe pop-up is only the starting point of the new digital platform created by Nissan and that under his name #ElectrifyTheWorldElectrifyTheWorld, remains as the principal commitment to raising awareness about the sustainability of our environment and what we can do (including electric vehicles) in this aspect.

Take a coffee or snack at the Electric Cafe has a price of 30 Watts that are very simple to pay. In front of the bar stool is fitted with a pedal connected to a storage system and a tablet device that monitors; with approximately 60 seconds of exercise, power is generated enough to pay the account, progress we can see in front of us on the screen.

But a temporary establishment, which has been created as the first place in which the account must be paid with energy and not with money is also a showroom of technology sostenible.


And that is that there were, in addition to the system of generation of energy from the pedaling of WeWatt which we have mentioned above, the technology tiles Pavegen; a soil with generators of electromagnetic induction that allow to obtain energy from the footstep in your tiles or the system xStorage Homea device designed by EATON that allows you to stored energy obtained when the fare is cheaper (Price Valley) and use it in our homes when it is more expensive (Price Point) thanks to the re-use of batteries Nissan that no longer are suitable for vehicles from the japanese manufacturer, but still have a lot of potential in other types of applications.

Small actions can create big changes. The Nissan Electric Coffee is the butterfly effect of electric mobility.